The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is planning for a new transport corridor through Caboolture West in the Moreton Bay region.

The fast-growing region requires a proactive approach to ensure we are prepared for the future transport needs. A new road will provide a ‘backbone’ for a transport network supporting future growth in the area.

Planning for the project will help to identify land that needs to be protected for the future road. The study will look at a section of a potential future corridor between Moorina and Moodlu, west of Caboolture.

The Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West) will provide an alternative route to the Bruce Highway and help alleviate congestion and accommodate future growth in the area. Planning is a key initiative of the Australian and Queensland governments' jointly-funded North Brisbane–Bruce Highway Western Alternative project.

Three options have been proposed for the corridor through Caboolture West, with planning to identify a preferred option, pending feedback from the community.

TMR invited feedback on the concept options as part of the first phase of community consultation for this project.

Submissions closed on 6 August 2021.

Thank you to everyone who attended the information sessions, completed the survey, provided feedback through a written submission, or shared their views over the phone. All feedback will be considered and will inform the planning investigations.

TMR acknowledge the sensitive nature of planning for a new future road corridor and understand the community is highly invested in the outcomes of the planning.

Community consultation will be ongoing as the project progresses, with the next phase of consultation planned for October 2021.

Study area map

The map below shows the study area for this future road in Caboolture West.

Study area map for the Bruce Highway Western Alternative

Study area map for Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West)

Concept options

From a preliminary analysis, each concept option has a range of opportunities and constraints involving property impacts, road corrections, environmental and amenity considerations and constructability.

Eastern option (Option 1)

The Eastern option starts to the south-east of the Sheepstation Creek Reserve in Moorina and travels northwards towards the D’Aguilar Highway at Moodlu. The corridor avoids the Sheepstation Creek Reserve.

The Eastern option would have the most significant impact on existing dwellings. It also runs through a number of areas that are below the one-in-one-hundred-year flood level. However, it is mostly flat terrain, which would reduce the need for significant earthworks during construction.

Central option (Option 2)

The Central option starts in Moorina, south of Caboolture River Road, and travels north towards the D’Aguilar Highway, staying close to the powerline easement. It ends about halfway between Moodlu and Wamuran on the D’Aguilar Highway, avoiding high-value koala habitat areas.

The Central option provides significant benefits in the connections it would enable through the area. There are a few existing dwellings in the proposed area.

Western option (Option 3)

The Western option starts at the same location as the Central option and then turns west towards Old North Road, following the existing road where possible. It will provide limited connections for the area.

Difficult terrain in this area will make construction complex and expensive, with very significant works needed to establish a road. It is also longer than the other two options.

Concept options map for the Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West)

Concept options map for Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West)

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This project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments