Identifying and protecting the corridor for the BHWA is an important transport planning initiative. Sections of the study area for the corridor are developed, with significant agriculture, commercial, environmental, and other planning constraints.

TMR has been collecting early feedback on Stage 4 since late 2021 and thanks the community for their contributions so far. Provide your early feedback via the question below. All feedback received will be considered in future planning.

Timeframes for more detailed planning, design and construction of the BHWA project are not known at this time and will depend on government priorities and future funding commitments.

Community consultation for Stage 4 will be undertaken as planning progresses.

Stage 4 - Beerburrum and Moodlu

Stage 4 is between Beerburrum and Moodlu.

What would you like TMR to consider in planning for Stage 4?

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12 March, 2023

DrAZB says:

The Government should focus on maintaining the asset it has (Bruce Highway) rather than another vanity distraction.

8 March, 2023

Elimbah says:

Not only will we lose our precious home, real estate prices show we won’t be able to afford a similar property within SEQ after a buy back.

8 March, 2023

Elimbah says:

Avoid existing Homes, we have settled & established our family. You will destroy rural homes for new homes in Caboolture west!!!

8 March, 2023

Elimbah says:

Join Stage 1 to Woodford bypass and take traffic to Bruce HWY and add the extra lands that has been talked about for years.

1 March, 2023

KristyB says:

As so many new acreage homes have recently been built what is your buy back? And will you cover the devalued properties from this highway?

8 January, 2023

KimH says:

a lot of average homes that area valued $1.2m+. What is your buy back or $ for property devaluation. I don't want to live by a highway.

2 January, 2023

CraigDiedricks says:

The most logical route with the least impact on the local community and financially cheaper is to follow the power lines. State asset.

31 December, 2022

Mickr says:

Why not use Old Gympie rd all the way to Beerwah or even better to past Sunshine Motorway exit on Bruce Highway to truly bypass traffic

16 December, 2022

ljarkell says:

East side of Williams Road, Lagoon Creek has significantly flooded during rain events, a hwy here would worsen flooding and risk platypus.

14 December, 2022

RebeccaRose says:

Consider using forestry & leaving current acreage homes alone. Please don't have the highway join Beerburrum Rd anywhere near the school.

3 December, 2022

ZDP says:

From Moodlu North please consider all residential & working farms and put planned road extensions through bush areas...

27 November, 2022

SarahRidolfi says:

We like many other young families in our new estate have only recently built our first home. Please don’t take away our forever dream home.