Narangba to Bald Hills

Early planning for Stage 3 of the Bruce Highway Western Alternative (BHWA) between Narangba to Bald Hills commenced early 2023.

Sections of the study area are highly developed, with environmental, flooding and other planning constraints. As a result of the highly constrained study area the number of viable alignment options will be limited for Stage 3.

TMR continues to collect early feedback on Stage 3 and we thank the community for contributions provided so far. Feedback will help inform viable alignment options. Provide early feedback on Stage 3 below.

Timeframes for more detailed planning, design and construction are not known at this time and will depend on government priorities and future funding commitments.

TMR will keep the community updated as planning progresses.

Stage 3

Stage 3 will continue south towards Bald Hills.

What would you like TMR to consider in planning for Stage 3?

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25 September, 2023

Natopotato says:

There are rail Crossing that all need major upgrading to allow traffic to flow on and off the new highway.

4 September, 2023

ThatGuy1989 says:

Having this link up to the gateway at the current merge is the best way to divert traffic out to the west. Include bikeway.

24 August, 2023

thestargateking says:

Consider a rail line for the corridor instead. Way higher capacity and can link into the Alderley-Strathpine rail link that should be built.

20 August, 2023

Mart says:

Ensure high quality protected cycleway is part of project

19 August, 2023

slaum says:

So many homes, traffic-filled roads and rail lines in this area. Use the already clear space west of Lake Kurwongbah, Scout Rd to Dayboro Rd

7 August, 2023

amandaleahoyes says:

The chosen route as it was previously was ridiculous and would bulldoze a whole community. Align it with narangba road!

26 July, 2023

JonB says:

My idea is not to do it.Environmentally bad,destroying houses,and only ends up choking at the Gateway anyway.Not worth ruining our homes for

26 July, 2023

JayBee says:

Plan for 10 years time, not 10 years ago, give the traffic going west a HIGH SPEED road to legacy tunnel so they dont use Gateway at all!!

26 July, 2023

JayBee says:

Open your eyes AND EARS!! to what the people want, and it isnt to join the traffic jam at Bald hills EVERYDAY, which is what your planning!

26 July, 2023

JayBee says:

Scrap stage 2, you got it wrong!! go west of Lake K, onto new Youngs Xing bridge, and spend the money on a West Brisbane bypass with tunnels

26 July, 2023

JayBee says:

I would recommend that TMR actually leave their offices and site visit the areas they are planning to change forever, clearly they havent!!

25 July, 2023

chris_hucklebridge says:

Connecting the southern end to both Gympie Arterial Road, and the Gateway Motorway. This would also help shift some of the traffic.