Early planning investigated 3 potential corridor options through Caboolture West. These 3 options were explored and evaluated against a range of criteria.

The central option was identified as the preferred alignment for Stage 1 of the BHWA.

The central alignment starts from the D’Aguilar Highway and travels south towards Caboolture River Road, staying close to the existing power easement.

The central option has been selected based on a number of significant technical merits, including the following key high-level considerations:

  • impacts fewer existing properties when compared to the eastern option
  • enables better crossings of various waterways, reducing the corridor’s environmental and flooding impacts – additionally, it will not impact Sheepstation Creek Conservation Park
  • enables connectivity to the planned higher order road network within the Caboolture West Structure Plan – it supports high level access to the proposed town centre, key enterprise and employment areas, and access to and from the D’Aguilar Highway
  • has flatter terrain, meaning there is less need for bridge structures and less material will need to be removed during construction, reducing overall cost when compared to other options.

The alignment for Stage 1 was finalised in June 2022 with this section of the corridor through Caboolture West now protected for a future State-controlled road.

Timeframes for more detailed planning, design and construction of the BHWA Stage 1 (Caboolture West) project are unknown at this time and will depend on government priorities and future funding commitments.

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TMR invited feedback to refine the preferred corridor and identify key issues for consideration during planning. Community feedback will continue to be an important consideration to understand key constraints and concerns in future stages of the corridor.

Preferred option – Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West)

Preferred option for the Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West)