The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is planning for a new transport corridor in the north Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions between Beerburrum and north Brisbane.

With more people expected to be calling the region home, a proactive approach is required to support this growth and prepare for future transport needs.

The future Bruce Highway Western Alternative (BHWA) will provide an alternative route to the Bruce Highway. It will help alleviate congestion and accommodate future growth in the area. Planning is a key initiative of the Australian and Queensland governments' jointly-funded North Brisbane Bruce Highway Western Alternative project.

Planning and community consultation for the approximately 50-kilometre-long corridor is progressing in four stages and will identify land that needs to be protected for the future motorway.

In June 2022, the Stage 1 corridor through Caboolture West was protected for a future State-controlled road.

Planning for Stage 2, from Moorina to Narangba is underway. Feedback received between 29 July 2022 and 9 September 2022 on viable alignment options, along with further technical investigations, has informed the preferred alignment for Stage 2.

Planning for Stage 3, from Narangba to Bald Hills, will commence early 2023, followed by Stage 4, from Moodlu to Beerburrum.

Timeframes for more detailed planning, design and construction of the BHWA project are unknown at this time and will depend on government priorities and future funding commitments.

TMR acknowledges the sensitive nature of planning for a new future road corridor and understands the community is highly invested in the outcomes of the planning.

Learn more about each project stage below.

Project stages

  • Planning stages map

    This indicative map shows the study area from Beerburrum to north Brisbane.

    View the planning stages on an indicative map 
  • Stage 1

    Stage 1 Moodlu to Moorina is around 7.3 kilometres in length.

    The alignment for Stage 1 was finalised in June 2022. The corridor through Caboolture West is protected for a future State-controlled road.

    View the final alignment for Stage 1 
  • Stage 2

    Stage 2 Moorina to Narangba is around 16 kilometres in length.

    Following community consultation and further technical investigations the preferred alignment has been determined.

    View and comment on the preferred alignment 
  • Stage 3

    Stage 3 Narangba to Bald Hills.

    Planning and consultation for this stage is expected to commence in early 2023.

    Provide early feedback on Stage 3 
  • Stage 4

    Stage 4 Beerburrum to Moodlu.

    Planning and consultation for this stage will commence after Stage 3.

    Provide early feedback on Stage 4 
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The Australian Government and the Queensland Government have jointly funded the
North Brisbane Bruce Highway Western Alternative project