Planning for a new rail line

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is planning for the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line – a proposed new 37 kilometre passenger rail line connecting the Sunshine Coast community between Beerwah, Caloundra and Maroochydore to Moreton Bay, Brisbane and beyond.

This new rail line is proposed to tie into the existing North Coast Line, north of Beerwah Station. This would mean that trains operating on the proposed Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line would continue to the Brisbane CBD and beyond, without passengers needing to transfer at Beerwah.

Connecting public transport

The new rail line is being planned to connect with the Sunshine Coast Public Transport project at key interchange locations to increase public transport opportunities for the growing Sunshine Coast community, as outlined in the Southern Sunshine Coast Public Transport Strategy. Bus interchanges are proposed for each rail station.

The rail line is proposed to link longer and medium distance trips with local trips provided for by the Sunshine Coast Public Transport project and bus services.

What TMR is doing now

TMR is undertaking a Detailed Business Case for the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line. This builds on planning completed in 2001 by the Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study (CAMCOS). As part of that planning, a corridor (route) was determined and land preserved (protected from development).

The Detailed Business Case includes a review of the preserved corridor to refine the alignment and station locations, a detailed analysis of design, risks, financials, economics, environmental impacts, community impacts and utilities.

Following these investigations, and consultation undertaken in mid-2023, TMR has progressed the rail station designs and has proposed refinements to the rail corridor to meet modern rail design standards, optimise rail operations and minimise impacts on the surrounding areas.

What's new?

Opportunities to get involved

Connecting the growing Sunshine Coast region

Congestion-free journeys

Reliable journey times

More accessible public transport

Growing the region’s economy

  • Did you know?

    TMR uses Queensland Treasury's Project Assessment Framework to assess projects at critical stages. From the initial assessment of the service required, through to business case and delivery, a project's progress and quality is assessed via a series of reviews by independent tehcnical experts from across Australia to ensure it meets strategic objectives and achieves value for money. For more information about the process, click here.

  • The DSC Rail Line project is guided by long-term planning for South East Queensland.

    TMR has a blueprint, SEQ Rail Connect, for shaping the rail network to meet the future needs of the growing South East Queensland region. This blueprint outlines how we are preparing the network to be ready for Cross River Rail, which will transform the way our rail network operates and how customers travel by train in SEQ. The DSC Rail Line is identified as a key initiative.