Scarborough Boat Harbour is a vibrant part of the Redcliffe Peninsula community providing a bustling precinct for marine and recreational use. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) invites you to share your thoughts and ideas around what you value and how you would like to use and access the harbour.

Your ideas will capture community values and help to guide future activities and community access.

Have your say

TMR wants to better understand how you currently use Scarborough Boat Harbour and what would encourage you to use it more frequently.

Ensure your comments are about Scarborough Boat Harbour and how to enhance your experience in the area.

You can complete the survey and add a comment on the map below.

Submissions are open from Thursday 9 September to Sunday 24 October 2021.




I have never been to or don’t use Scarborough Boat Harbour. Can I still have a say?

Yes. TMR would like to understand what improvements, activities, facilities or experiences would attract and encourage you to visit Scarborough Boat Harbour.

What will happen to the collected information?

The ideas the community raises will be used to identify themes and capture community values to guide future activities and community access. Make sure you register to receive ongoing project updates.

Will there be high rise development at Scarborough Boat Harbour?

There is no intention to explore non-marine related development such as residential or hotels.

What is happening with Redcliffe Marina?

TMR acquired the Redcliffe Marina in 2020 to ensure its continued operation. It currently operates the marina and is taking applications for new berth holders after investing in much needed repairs and improvements to the facility.

What is TMR doing to bring back a barge service to Moreton Island (Mulgumpin) and the northern suburbs?

TMR has sought interest from the market for proponents willing to establish a vehicle and pedestrian barge service between the Redcliffe Peninsula and Moreton Island (Mulgumpin). Subject to identifying a suitable proposal, the proponent will be responsible for all aspects of delivering the project.