The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is improving key intersections along Samford Road to reduce traffic congestion.

Samford Road has been experiencing considerable congestion, particularly during peak hours, and is an important road connecting the community to the western suburbs of Brisbane.

To improve safety and alleviate congestion for road users, TMR completed a planning study in late 2018 on Samford Road from Imbros Street, Enoggera to Dawson Parade, Keperra (see study area below).

The study investigated options to improve safety and through traffic movements at key intersections and recommended that intersection improvements be made to Glen Holm Street and Osborne Road, Mitchelton and Pickering Street, Gaythorne (completed).

Samford Road study area

Have your say

TMR invites you to have your say on the Glen Holm Street and Osborne Road intersections. Your comments will help ensure community feedback is considered as part of the detailed design process.

You can provide your feedback by viewing the concept design, proposed changes and timeframes for the Glen Holm Street and Osborne Road intersections and completing the survey.

Submissions will be open until 12 December 2021.


Glen Holm Street intersection is expected to start construction in early 2023.

These works will require the removal of around 5 mature trees in Fenwick Park. The current tree species in the park are ficus microcarpa hillii; commonly known as hills weeping fig or hills fig (see below for replacement options).

Proposed improvements include:

  • installing unsignalised, right-turn lane (outbound) on Samford Road at the Glen Holm Street intersection to reduce the likelihood of turning traffic blocking the through traffic on Samford Road
  • minor pavement widening to provide a short right-turn pocket on Samford Road (outbound) into Glen Holm Street.

Concept design


Osborne Road intersection is currently in the planning phase with business case targeted for finalisation in late 2021. Further funding will be required for this intersection to progress to planning, design development phase and construction.

These works will involve the reconfiguration and reduction of parking outside business on the north-west corner of Osborne Road.

Parking is proposed to be reduced from eight angle car parks to four kerb side car parks.

Proposed improvements include:

  • installing an additional right-turn outbound lane on Samford Road at the Osborne Road intersection to reduce the likelihood of turning traffic blocking the through traffic on Samford Road
  • new bike lane on the inbound approach
  • minor civil work treatments, including line marking, new signs and kerbing.

Concept design