The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is planning to expand parking facilities at the Northgate station park ‘n’ ride.

As a key location for customers accessing the public transport network, Northgate station experiences high demand for commuter parking, resulting in significant overflow into surrounding streets. Currently, there are four existing park ‘n’ ride facilities at Northgate station with more than 380 dedicated car parks.

TMR has investigated a range of options to expand parking for customers accessing the station. Of the four sites reviewed, the Ridge Street and Holland Street (site D) is the preferred site for a multi-storey carpark, due to its:

  • large, rectangular shape (which is more efficient and reduces construction costs)
  • separated entry and exit points, minimising localised congestion and traffic delays
  • close proximity and good access to the train station, local bus stops and major roads
  • existing adjoining land use (mostly light commercial), which would impact less on the community.

The three park 'n' ride sites on the western side of Northgate station (sites A, B and C) are considered to be less desirable sites. These are on the western side and are located in a low-medium density residential area and two (sites B and C) are considerably smaller and irregular in shape, leading to higher construction costs. While site A offers a large shape, in contrast to site D, its shape is irregular which would result in a complex and less efficient design and higher construction costs.

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TMR invited feedback on the proposed expansion. Your comments will help to ensure community feedback is considered as part of the business case.

Submissions closed on 18 November 2021.


TMR's preferred design option is to expand park 'n' ride facilities at Northgate station, which includes replacing an existing carpark (site D) with a multi-storey parking facility on Ridge and Holland streets.

This upgrade option would provide:

  • around 350 extra car parks
  • new bike storage facilities
  • improved passenger amenities
  • enhanced lighting and CCTV
  • additional Persons with Disability (PWD) car parks on the western side to support pedestrian accessibility.