The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is designing Highfields Bikeway Stage 2.

The Highfields Bikeway project will deliver a bikeway that connects Highfields to Toowoomba, providing a safer and more accessible active transport option.

There is no funding for construction of Stage 2 or design of further stages at this time.

The new bikeway is a priority location under the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027.

Have your say

As part of the planning process, TMR invited the community to have their say about the bikeway design.

As a bike rider or motorist, this feedback is key to understanding local issues which will help TMR design the bikeway to support the community.

Solutions will be prioritised based on their ability to encourage more bike riding in the community, and provide a safe journey for motorists.

Feedback from the community will be summarised for inclusion in the business case put forward for future funding.