The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is designing safety improvements on Gatton-Helidon Road.

Improvements include road widening, installing a wide centre line, clearing vegetation, removing roadside hazards and improving intersections with additional turning lanes and wider shoulders. The project does not extend to rehabilitating the existing pavement.

There are 5 high speed sections in scope:

  • Section 1 - between Robinsons Road and Gatton-Clifton Road
  • Section 2 - between Lockyer Creek Bridge and Armstrongs Road
  • Section 3 - between Nicholls Street and the railway underpass to Lawlers Road
  • Section 4 - between the railway underpass to Lawlers Road and Flagstone Creek Road
  • Section 5 - approaching the roundabout at Helidon.
Five high speed road sections on Gatton-Helidon Road

Have your say

TMR invited feedback from the community about safety and efficiency on Gatton-Helidon Road via the survey and map below.

In particular, TMR heard from residents and road users about options to improve safety at the railway underpass between Gatton-Helidon Road and Lawlers Road (Sections 3 and 4).

Online consultation closed on 28 February 2022.