The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is seeking support from the community to name new infrastructure as part of the Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor, (Stage 3), Edmonton to Gordonvale (E2G) project, construction

A total of 5 structures, including three water crossings and two overpasses are being built along the 10.5km E2G project alignment.

The naming process will focus on the project's largest structures and includes:

  • new bridges at Wrights Creek and Stoney Creek
  • the old Bruce Highway from Petersen Road to the new connector road through to Maitland Road
  • the new Pine Creek - Yarrabah Road / Maitland Road overpass
  • the new pedestrian overpass at Gordonvale
  • the new connector road from Harris Road to Warner Road
  • new Collinson Creek cycleway bridge
  • Jones Road / Pine Creek - Yarrabah Road new connector road.

The naming of other infrastructure will be considered based on the submissions received.

Before making a submission, ensure you have read the submission details below.


  • If you have more than one name suggestion, complete a separate submission for each name to assist the assessment process.
  • Provide evidence to support how your name suggestion is relevant to the selection criteria.

Naming submissions closed on 23 July 2021.

Structure locations to be named are indicated on the map in red

Structure locations for naming

Structure locations for naming

Submission details

Suggested names include people or events that have cultural or historical value to the community.

Other ideas include flora, fauna or places that have significance to the area.

When naming infrastructure after a person, it is generally only considered if the person died at least 2 years ago and has made a significant contribution to the community. This is to prevent any future actions by that person from negatively influencing the community and potentially resulting in a need to re-name the infrastructure.

Naming infrastructure after a person who is alive will not be accepted.

Naming submissions must meet all mandatory selection criteria to be considered—all submissions that meet the requirements will be judged based on the merit-based criteria.

These are the principles for naming of all transport infrastructure that your naming suggestion must meet in order to be considered.


Names must support the community in orientating, navigating or identifying the infrastructure.

Any new names or changes to existing names for infrastructure must:

a) not negatively impact on navigation for emergency services

b) promote tourism wayfinding

c) maintain current communication systems, including postal and delivery services

d) prevent confusion to transport services

e) consider urban and regional planning.

Does the name meet all the above requirements?


Names must have a link to the Cairns, Edmonton or Gordonvale region.

The name should consider community expectations and provide a sense of identity. It should have relevance to the area in which the infrastructure is located.

Does the name:

enable the community to identify with the infrastructure through historical, cultural, heritage, environmental or natural linkages.

commemorate an individual or individuals that have made a significant contribution to the local community, be of good character, enjoy broad community support.

* Proposals to name infrastructure to commemorate living persons will not be considered.

For posthumous commemoration, it is recommended the person be deceased for at least two years. This is to mitigate the risk of the individual being associated with inappropriate actions or activities after the name is approved, which may then necessitate a name change.


Names that are offensive, demeaning or harmful to the reputation of individuals or group/s within the community will not be accepted.

Does the name meet all the below requirements?

a) the name is not offensive, demeaning, or harmful to the reputation of individuals.

b) the name is not likely to cause offence to individuals, or groups (social, ethnic, religious or other).

c) the name is likely to be widely respected within the community.

Dual Naming

Only one name will be used per infrastructure.

While TMR recognises Indigenous Australian cultural heritage through dual naming of places and locations, dual naming of transport infrastructure assets (such as in the Queensland Government 'Strategy for Naming and Co-naming of public buildings and facilities') is not supported for wayfinding purposes.

Is the name suggestion for a singular name?


The name must be for a single identifiable piece of infrastructure or contiguous length of carriageway. The name of a road or discrete piece of infrastructure will:

a) not be interrupted with a section that is identified under an alternative name

b) not continue beyond unbridged waterways or geographical features that cannot be crossed.


Names must not duplicate or cause confusion with other names in the region. To ensure your suggestion is unique, avoid adjectives such as Upper, Lower, Old, New or Little.

The name cannot be a product, an existing company or organisation name, or the same name as an existing piece of infrastructure in Queensland.

The name does not include any of the following:

a) homographic names (words spelled the same but not necessarily pronounced the same)

b) homophonic names (words that sound the same)

c) origin to destination names (AS/NZS 4819:2011 Rural and Urban Addressing, s4.4.9)

d) adjectives such as Upper, Lower, Old, New or Little.


Names should be in Australian English, or Indigenous Australian languages only.

The ease of spelling, pronunciation and length of the name will be considered in this category.

Place names will be printed onto signs, maps, and guides, so the name should be easily written and read.

Is the name in English or Indigenous Australian language?

Is the name length suitable?*

Is the name easy to pronounce**

The name is not hyphenated (AS/NZS 4819:2011 Rural and Urban Addressing, s4.7.8).

The name does not contain abbreviations, initials, acronyms, or articles (‘a’ and ‘the’).

* For example, less than four words/or 30-character limit.

** Indigenous Australian naming suggestions may be exempt from this criterion.


Names must endure the life of the infrastructure and have inter-generational significance.

A name must endure for the life of the structure and have inter-generational significance. Long term benefits to the community must also outweigh any private or corporate interests, short-term effects, and the impact on the community in making the change.

If the name suggestion meets the mandatory selection criteria, it will then be assessed against the below merit-based criteria.

Sense of identity and link to Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale Region

How well does the name build or reflect the identity of the Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale region?

Would the name be easily recognisable as belonging to the Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale area?


How does the name reflect on the Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale region?

Is it a positive representation of the community?

Cultural significance

How well does the name represent Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale culture?

Consider local arts, customs and indigenous heritage.

Historical significance
Does the name reflect or commemorate an important aspect of Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale history?

How significant was this aspect in shaping the region we know today?

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This project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments