Draft Transport Network Objectives

The project has developed the below draft objectives and descriptions of what will provide a better future transport network for Cairns.

TMR would like you to share your thoughts on these objectives or what you think should be the transport network objectives or priorities for Cairns over the next 25+ years.

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24 March, 2024

Johnhansen says:

Public transport should be free for under 21s to reduce fare evasion and help stop the mindset of evading authority in youths.

24 March, 2024

Johnhansen says:

Cairns needs more rail

24 March, 2024

AxelCurwen says:

Using high floor LRV on the existing rail corridor would be a great way to keep costs down and use some existing stations.

24 March, 2024

AxelCurwen says:


24 March, 2024

AxelCurwen says:

G'day guys, I've heard all this talk about light rail so I've put together a map of what I think a good initial system would be.

11 March, 2024

tonymcilwain says:

Upgrade the Townsville to Cairns railway for all-weather resilience, more capacity and faster running.

8 March, 2024

MarkyMark says:

How is there not a bus service to the airport?

4 March, 2024

AndyM says:

The attractiveness of buses for commuting could be improved by providing bus/taxi lanes or priority for buses/taxis at key choke points

3 March, 2024

Helen666 says:

Prevent Brisbane mistakes here DO NOT install highway infrastructure without a dedicated busway and active transport route!

2 March, 2024

sharon321 says:

Open railway to Atherton for transport (maybe further). Make a light rail around the beaches into Cairns using Tram lines.

25 February, 2024

nickiam says:

The long term plan seems good to me. The shift of focus from private cars to alternative transport cannot happen quickly enough!

22 February, 2024

drcaspar says:

Less cars. They are a siht way to get around and destroy society and the environment. Bikes, buses, light rail and people